I am located in Orange County, Southern California

I am available in Los Angeles and San Diego with 24 hour notice

I am 420 friendly!


Welcome to my site. Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about myself.

I am originally from the Ukraine, and I was brought over to the states at an early age. Unfortunately I no longer retain any of my native tongue, and all that is left is a slight accent. I know that many girls in my profession take this time to describe what a wonderful experience they will give you, and how you will have memories to last a lifetime. I will dispense with the sales pitch and just tell you about who I really am. Firstly, I absolutely love my profession. I love being able to meet new people, get to know them, enjoy them and have then enjoy me in return. Yes, I am picky about who I will spend time with, and I have and will continue to turn certain potential clients down. Yet it is this very freedom of choice which I love, and which should give you the understanding that I am choosing to spend time with you, as opposed to an obligation due to a monetary transaction. I know that I will have many clients which I may only see one time. Yet my goal is to cultivate relationships, not a mere “client” base. This is fun for me, and obviously is for you too. So let us have fun together and enjoy each other as much as we can.

As some of you will have read in my reviews, I sometimes take a while to warm up to a new person. This is just the dynamics of any nascent relationship, somewhat expected, and shouldn’t be taken as my not wanting to spend time with you. I could just “act” it all out for you, and will do so if you specifically request it, but it seems such a disservice to do so as opposed to actually getting to know each other. I know that sometimes there isn’t enough time to do so, in which case I will make sure to leave you with a smile as best I can. Rest assured that if I feel that the chemistry really isn’t going to work, then I will tell you, make my apologies and leave with no donation expected.

On the other hand, I have been told—and know—that I am sassy and sarcastic. I have a sardonic humor at times, and I am goofy at others. I am sensual, playful, naughty with kink and love to tease and please. I like to role play, and I have many outfits for the occasions. Personally I am very submissive, love to be possessed and put in my place. I love a strong man who is kind and caring on the one hand, yet firm and forceful on the other and not afraid to be forward when needed. Just like when I am with you, you want to feel like I am temporarily yours, I also want to feel like you are temporarily mine. And my man possesses me completely. So please, by all means, be my man.

While I absolutely love the opposite sex, I equally love the fairer sex. I adore couples, and have and will continue to enjoy myself immensely with those I have the fortune of meeting and clicking with.

I hope this brief introduction to myself was helpful in letting you get to know me just a tab bit better…but enough of the talk, go look at some pictures and fill out my contact form….

I am,

Very Truly Yours,

Alina Drozdova

Алина Дроздова