This is the part of my site where I show love for my sisters of the trade and dedicate entire pages to their elegance and beauty.  I am under no illusion that most hobbyists enjoy to meet several new ladies in their travels. Therefore I would like to help you find some quality companionship for those days in-between the sessions you have with me, of course…no I am not grinning.  I have a perfect poker face. 

I have separated this into four sections.  

The first section is “My Girlfriends.”  These are the ladies I personally know and vouch for.  Keep in mind that each lady is different, but I can say that they represent what they advertise.  Not all my girlfriends are available for doubles.

The second section is “Doubles”.  These are the ladies that I work with when one of us just isn’t enough for your insatiable desires.  

The third section is “From Russia With Love”.  These are ladies visiting straight from the Motherland, here to spoil you with their uninhibited tendencies.

The fourth section is “The Great White North”.  Our neighbor to the north has some rare beauties that come to visit and spoil you on occassion.

The fifth section is “The Emerald City”.  Seattle is one of my favorite cities to visit with amazing providers.

The sixth, and final, section is simply “Escorts”.  This is where any lady who wishes to trade banners with me can do so, which is better than getting lost in my links page; however, I do not know these ladies personally, only through reputation and correspondence.

I always recommend that you read the reviews of each lady to make sure that you are completely comfortable.