How do you pronounce your name?

It is pronounced Ah lee nah.


How can I book an appointment with you?

Please start by going to my contact form and filling out the form.  You can, of course, email me the information, but in the end it is the same thing.  The more information you provide the easier it will be for me to verify you and set up an appointment.


Are you available for a meet and greet?

I am open to meeting you for lunch or coffee prior to scheduling a full session, at my discretion.  This will allow us to get to know each other and make sure that we are both happy and comfortable with each other.  I only ask that you take care of the meal/coffee and provide me with a reasonable donation for my time ($50 or whatever your generosity allows).


What is the difference between incall and outcall?

Outcall is when the escort goes to you and the location you provide.  Incall is when you go to the escort and the location she provides.


Why do you ask for a picture of myself?

It is not required, only an option on my contact form.  However, like you I like to know who I am going to see.  I wouldn’t want to waste your time, as I am not one of those girls that will take your money and not earn it.  If I feel the chemistry won’t work out I will let you know and leave, no donation required.  While the physical does not dictate that chemistry, it does have a bearing on it, and there should be no surprise to this.


What is the best way to contact you?

Email by far.  I get all my emails on my phone, it is easier to keep track of and I respond as soon as I can.  Sometimes it may take up to 24 hours to respond due to my schedule and the volume of emails I get.  Please be patient with me, and if for some reason I haven’t responded within a reasonable amount of time please forward the email again.


Are you affiliated with an agency?

No I am not.  I am 100% independent and love it that way.  Everything I have achieved and will achieve has and will be through my own efforts.


Do you have a driver?

No I drive myself.  Of course, someone will always know where I am for my security and safety as it is only prudent to do so.


Are your donations negotiable?

No they are not.


Do you accept gifts or tips?

Gifts and tips are never required or expected, but are definitely much appreciated.


Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes I accept all major credit cards.  Please let me know prior to our visit if this is the form of payment you would like to use.


Is that really you in your photos?

Yes my photos are absolutely real and recent.  I offer both professional photos and candid untouched photos for your viewing pleasure.


Do you see couples?

Absolutely!  I love couples and women!  When considering me for this please know that I will always want to meet first for coffee/lunch to get better acquainted and make sure that we are all comfortable with each other.  Of course, the screening process will apply to both of you.


Can I take photos or video?

Yes these items can be arranged on a case by case basis.  Visit my “Consideration” page for pricing.


Are you available for traveling to/with me?

I am open to this.  I am happy to travel along with you, or to come see you wherever you are.  You will, of course, be responsible for all traveling expenses.


Do you do Dom/Sub?

While I am not fully versed in the world of S&M, I am a natural bottom and very submissive.  These are things that can be discovered and explored over time.


Can I request outfits for role-play?

Yes, I have many outfits to choose from.  Please visit my “Attire” page to see a selection.